Remote neurological monitoring

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We offer software and hardware solutions for medical professionals and their patients.
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For Healthcare Professionals

Our softwares provide a variety of advantages compared to conventional treatment and monitoring methods, hence saving time and money from the patient and doctor.

Electrode & Implant

Are you interested in improving short-term or ultra long-term EEG monitoring?

For Patients

Soenia® Medical Diary is a CE marked medical device. The Diary is used to report your symptoms directly to your healthcare professional. Securely store your data with us.

Why are we the best for you?

SOENIA® Medical Diary and Cloud have been built from the ground up with neurologists and people with various neurological conditions. Our original clinical studies were performed with people with severe epilepsy symptoms.

Medical Device Rating

SOENIA® Medical Diary was the world's first epilepsy application with a CE-mark and medical device rating. Since our original registration we have expanded the Medical Diary to be a generic symptom diary for all diseases.

Real-time Monitoring

Your SOENIA® Medical Diary symptom inputs sync straight to the cloud, where the medical personnel can see them in real-time.

Secure Service

Each diary input is sent to the cloud using a secure SSL token. If your phone doesn't have connectivity when you make an input, it will be synced to the cloud when the network connection is restored.

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