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How We Can Help You?

Soenia® Medical Diary is a CE marked medical device. The Diary is used to report disease like symptoms, such as: headache, migraine, epilepsy, narcolepsy, multiple sclerosis, myoclonus and dystonia symptoms. Securely store your data with us. Invite your doctor to join the Cloud and share data in a legal way. Our solutions are based on research, see our CLINICAL EVIDENCE HERE.

Medical Device

SOENIA® Medical Diary started as the world's first epilepsy application with a CE-mark and medical device rating. We have since expanded our Medical Diary to cover all symptom reporting.

Real-time Monitoring

When your healthcare professional has our SOENIA® Cloud in use, your symptom inputs sync straight to the cloud, where your professional can see them in real-time.

Secure Service

Each diary input is sent to the cloud using a secure SSL token. If your phone doesn't have connectivity when you make an input, it will be synced to the cloud when the network connection is restored.

Fast & Effortless

ou can add a detailed symptom input with a few taps of your finger. Our softwares provide a variety of advantages compared to conventional treatment and monitoring methods, hence saving time and money from the patient and doctor.


SOENIA® is aimed to bring high class solutions for you to better monitor your or your patient's neurological disease. We are here to help – and we care.

Automated Statistics

The medical personnel get comprehensive statistics of your symptom activity at any given time. Your treatment will benefit when your healthcare professional can see long-term trends and acitivities with a glance.

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SOENIA® Medical Diary is currently available on Google Play Store® and iTunes®.